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IBM c1000-065試験,c1000-065試験問題集,c1000-065日本語試験,c1000-065英語試験|ktest
Ktest問題集はIT専門家からすべての問題と解答を確認して、正解率が98%になります。IBM IBM Certified Developer - Cognos Analytics V11.1.x 資格c1000-065試験問題集は実験問題、多肢選択問題、単项の选択問題、ドラッグ アンド ドロップ問題及び穴埋め問題を提供しております。


人性化のサービス、よくお客様の立場から考えて、もっといいサービスを提供することはktestの信念です。 お客様がIBM c1000-065問題集を購入する前に無料でIBM c1000-065問題集のサンプルを試用することができます。IBM c1000-065試験問題は定期的にアップデートしています。

無料で365日以内にIBM c1000-065問題集の更新版を贈ります
ktestのIBM c1000-065試験問題集を買ったことがあるのはお客様に365日以内に無料で問題集の更新版を贈ります。お客様が持ってる問題集はきっと最新版でございます。

ktest IBM c1000-065試験問題集のPDF版 はいつでも、携帯電話、コンピュータ、タブレットPCで勉強してもいいんです。どこ、いつでも勉強できます。


Ktestは無料でIBM Certified Developer - Cognos Analytics V11.1.x c1000-065試験問題集デモ(DEMO)を提供することができます。
Ktest試験問題集は真実の試験環境と同じです。お客様が購入する前に、無料でc1000-065(IBM Cognos Analytics Developer V11.1.x)問題集のサンプルを使用してから、もっと自信を増やす。もし,弊社のc1000-065問題集を使ったら、試験に不合格だったら、ktestが全額で返金できます。ご安心ください。

Which statement is true regarding Custom Sorts in dashboards?
A.A user can create a custom sort on any type of data.
B.Custom sorts cannot be created on measures.
C.Custom sorts may only be created in a Data Module.
D.Custom sorts may be created by selecting a field in the source pane and going to properties.
Answer : B

When using an OLAP data source, summaries that use 'For' clauses give incorrect results. Which best describes the reason for this?
A.Time state rollups against OLAP data sources are not supported
B.OLAP data sources do not have detail rows
C.The 'For' clause does not generate incorrect summaries.
D.Incorporating context filters using MDX functions is not supported.
Answer : C

A user complains that the table they're using within a data module has too much historical data in it. The user would like to keep the old data available, but when using the table for any new reports would like to see only newer entries based on an 'Order Date' column. What does the developer need to do to accomplish this?
A.Create a navigation path for the newer entries.
B.Apply a filter to the 'Order Date' attribute.
C.Create a calculated 'Order Date'.
D.Create a copy of the table, and apply a filter to the 'Order Date' attribute.
Answer : A

Which two statements are true when creating navigation paths?
A.A data module can have multiple navigation paths.
B.A modeler must delete the navigation path and re-create it to change the path.
C.Columns from different tables cannot be added to a navigation path.
D.A navigation path is a collection of Group Data columns.
E.A navigation path is a collection of non-measure columns.
Answer : B, E

Which statement is true when adding a data source in a dashboard?
A.Framework Manager Packages, Data Modules and Data sets are the only three types of data sources that can be used when creating a dashboard.
B.Only data sources that have been added to a Data Module can be used as a data source.
C.Framework Manager Packages, OLAP Packages, Data Modules, Data sets and CSV files can all be used when creating a dashboard.
D.Once a data source has been added it can only be removed by deleting all data sources within the dashboard.
Answer : B

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